LPC122x part identification numbers are wrong

  • Oliver Kraus
    Oliver Kraus

    I think that the id's for LPC122x are wrong. From the user manual they should be:

    Table 303. LPC122x part identification numbers
    LPC12D27FBD100/301 0x3670 002B
    LPC1227FBD48/301 0x3670 002B
    LPC1226FBD64/301 0x3660 002B
    LPC1226FBD48/301 0x3660 002B
    LPC1225FBD64/321 0x3652 002B
    LPC1225FBD64/301 0x3650 002B
    LPC1225FBD48/321 0x3652 002B
    LPC1225FBD48/301 0x3650 002B
    LPC1224FBD64/121 0x3642 C02B
    LPC1224FBD64/101 0x3640 C02B
    LPC1224FBD48/121 0x3642 C02B
    LPC1224FBD48/101 0x3670 002B
    LPC1227FBD64/301 0x3640 C02B

    As an example, the lpcprog.c has 0x0366002B as Id for the 1226 (should be 0x3660002B, "0" is missing in the middle)

    Thanks for the great tool!