David Piepgrass

THE PROJECT HAS MOVED TO GitHub with web sites at and and new wiki here. The SF Wiki will no longer be updated.

This project will implement Enhanced C#. You may find my design documents interesting; I started designing EC# 1.0 some time in 2012 and then abandoned it in favor of more limited, focused improvements based on ideas from LISP, which I am calling EC# 2. Currently, the source tree contains several EC# design documents:

  • EC#.cs: Design ideas for EC# 1.0. Although I don't have time to implement all these features in the foreseeable future, I hope with community support EC# will get them all.
  • EC#2.cs: A brief document that explains how the project changed direction and then barfs out some tentative ideas.
  • EC# for language pundits.txt: a long, detailed overview of EC# 2 that tries to explain my thought processes and design ideas in a well-structured and accessible way.
  • EC# for normal people.txt: an overview of EC# 2 that explains the language in terms of new features that are useful for ordinary developers.

The printer (LNode-to-text) and the majority of the parser (text-to-LNodes) are complete. Both are used by [LLLPG]. There is no compiler yet.


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