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http://loto.sourceforge.net/ hosts 4 projects of free software
related to materials science and physics. They are
* feram
* loto
* compasses
* xtalgrowth


feram-0.22.06 is released!
Now, you can compile and execute feram on Windows OS.
Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/loto/files/feram/

Screen shots

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xtalgrowth: "seaweed" made by xtalgrowth -c 1 -d 0.01
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compasses: Maximum, minimum and saddle-point states
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feram: Phase transition of BaTiO3
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feram: 90-degree domains found in a PbTiO3 MD simulation
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loto: Body centered tetragonal (bct) dipolar crystal

Project admins

Project Admins: