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Online Highscore

Finally the Linux Version got Online Highscore too!

Posted by Markus Döbele 2005-09-19

Final Version 1.0.0

Here it is!
The first final Version for Linux.
And we got an RPM Version now too!

Posted by Markus Döbele 2005-08-20


I finally got the multiplayer version ready.
Its not perfect yet, but I keep on impoving it.

Posted by Markus Döbele 2004-05-16

Full Feature Release

The new version has all the features I wanted laby to have in the beginning. Its very close to the original now. All releases in between Version 1.0 will only be bigfix releases.

Posted by Markus Döbele 2004-03-17

Mouse Handling

The most important new feature is that we can do nearly everything with the mouse now. The cursorkeys work exactly the same like before.

Posted by Markus Döbele 2004-03-12

Lost Laby for Linux

Right now there is only a Linux version of this game.
I work hard on a windows version, which will be ready soon I hope.
If you are a developer and want to help me with this version please let me know.

Posted by Markus Döbele 2004-03-10