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Welcome to lossyWAV

lossyWAV is a lossy audio pre-processor. It is designed to be used on PCM audio contained in the WAV file format in conjunction with certain lossless audio codecs to which it adds a lossy / hybrid variant. It reduces the bit depth of the input signal on a block by block basis by rounding lower significant bits (lsbs) to zero which adds a predetermined level of white noise to the output, at or below the pre-existing noise floor. When the processed file is losslessly encoded using one of the aforementioned lossless audio codecs, the resulting bitrate of the encoded file is significantly reduced compared to encoding the unpreprocessed original audio data. The option is available to the user to create a correction file which can be utilised to revert the .lossy.wav file to lossless.... read more

Posted by Nick Currie 2008-10-06

Project svn repository created

After the conversion of the source code by Nick to remove the ia32 assembly parts, the code will be posted in the SVN repository of this project.

Everyone is invited to follow our development.

Posted by Rogério Theodoro de Brito 2008-09-30