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Lorien 2.8.4

A new formal release version of Lorien was completed at the weekend bringing a number of performance enhancements to the core component model and also reducing the average component size.

If you haven't been following us recently Lorien also now features its own thin component-oriented presentation language making it much easier to use. Recent updates have furthermore significantly enhanced platform independence of the majority of Lorien code as we look towards porting the platform to new devices in the future.

Posted by Barry 2011-07-04

VMware development image

We now have a VMware development environment image with everything you need to start working with Lorien on the TelosB/Tmote platform - check out the download area under QLX

Posted by Barry 2010-11-12

Lorien Project Fork

The Lorien OS project has finally been migrated to its own project here at sourceforge; more news soon...

Posted by Barry 2010-09-28