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Map Editor Under Construction

The first project after a long time that seems to progress quite a bit is the map editor. You can find the source code in svn repository under tools/map/editor/editor.pl and libraries tools/lib/perl. For now it is just a map viewer and requires an existing world data set, but a progress is being made. Check it out if you want to. Once this tool is done, it can be used to create new worlds for the game engine for Lorenai 1.x version.

Posted by Jiri Klouda 2007-02-10

Back from Europe

I have been in Europe for the past five weeks and so the development stagnated somewhat as there is so much more to do almost anywhere in Europe than in the Sillicon Valley. I have the feeling that one of the main reason for such a high productivity in Sillicon Valley is the lack of any suitable entertainment. When you mix in the low population density (compared to European cities) with the extreme cultural diversity of this area and the fact that Hollywood in Los Angeles down south sucks out any real talent from this area, you get a place that is so boring it is almost unbelievable. Oh yeah, that and the expensive boose in pubs just kill any social life. Sitting in front of a computer is actually one of the most entertaining options you get in here. So sad.

Posted by Jiri Klouda 2006-05-30

Download and comment, please

If you download the software, I would like to ask you tod comment on it. I see about 5 downloads a day, but there is no feedback and no comment at all. I would love to hear from you in the Open Discusion forum what you think and why you downloaded it and how it fared compared to your expectations.

Also, if you read this article before download, I would like to make sure you understand this is a code that requires a lot of effort to set up at this point and that running a game like this is not easy. It is not something you can download and play right away, at least not at this point. You will at least need to read the rules and understand what the game is about so be prepared to give it solid week of effort to get this going. But I will provide you with any answes and support you need on the Support Request tracker and the GM forum.

Posted by Jiri Klouda 2006-04-15

Lorenai.pm - Perl module for L1

I have finished the work on first version of the Lorenai perl module. It can parse and load up the Lorenai 1.x database and save it back to disk, so you don't need to change the C++ binaries, just to make a quick tool to edit the database. Also, you don't need to load the full database, just to add a new item, skill or spell. This should make it easier to write some quick GM tools for regular game maintenance, like the long missing map editor.

Posted by Jiri Klouda 2006-04-02

Support Offer

It seems that one thing missing for the perspective Game Masters of Lorenai games is a support for the product. I have decided to provide support for GMs on this forum using the Support Requests tracker. If you have any issue you need help with, simply submit a ticket and I will be notified and promise to try to at least post a response within a week or less and if possible solve the problem.

Posted by Jiri Klouda 2006-03-19

Lorenai Clients Added

At the time Lorenai 1.0 was popular, there were quite a few client programs developed for it. I have took the three most popular at the time and added them to the download section. This should provide a complete game with both backend and frontend for any willing game master.

Posted by Jiri Klouda 2006-03-17

Lorenai 1.1 cleanup

I have cleaned up the source code for Lorenai 1.1 a bit, incremented the release number from 1.1-f to 1.1-g, added some screen shots and made the tarball available for download, not just the CVS repository. At this account I have also disabled the CVS repository and don't plan to use it anymore. I have migrated everything under subversion and that is where you will find it from now.

Posted by Jiri Klouda 2006-03-14


Lets get started, I will upload the source code as soon as I get a bit familiar with the interface, hopefully its going to be until end of March. If anyone happen to hit on this page and would like to take part in the project, just let me know.
Aralin <aralin@ucw.cz>

Posted by Jiri Klouda 2001-03-20