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LoopAuditioneer 0.8.2 is released

This release contain fixes to many small issues like the file list scrolling that made current file invisible, loop selection after loopsearch, changed status bar division to enable longer paths displayed, folder name prepend the open file name, application window size and position is stored in config file as well as a major re-work of the waveform overlay at looppoints that now enable stepping between loops, changing the looppoints and choosing what amount of samples should be displayed.

Posted by Lars Palo 2016-01-23

LoopAuditioneer is released

With this new release a much more updated tool-chain was used when building it. Also some code corrections were done to adapt to the new wxWidgets library.

Posted by Lars Palo 2015-11-15

LoopAuditioneer is released

This new release fixes the header display of the file listctrl on Windows and also adresses the spacing of the columns.

Posted by Lars Palo 2015-02-15

LoopAuditioneer is released

This minor update fixes the bug that caused a crash when attempting to playback a 32 bit float .wav file. Also, more importantly, the loopsearch is now aware of already existing loops and takes them into account when searching for new loops (ie. not adding duplicate loops, respecting distance between starting points and the fact that a loop must overlap another if more than one is present).

Posted by Lars Palo 2015-02-12

LoopAuditioneer 0.8.1 is released

This new release contain lots of changes. Crossfading is now possible as a batch process and some of the other batch processes are changed so that they output more usable lines for a GrandOrgue ODF. A complete help is now built into the program and available from the Help menu (or F1 key). It's possible to save a file and open next in the file list (either from menu or even better from keyboard combination Ctrl + Alt + S) to speed up work by reducing the amount of operations needed. A few bug fixes are also included. Also some of the loop search settings parameters have increased range now.

Posted by Lars Palo 2015-02-05

Version released

This release fixes a scrolling issue when a loop save option was clicked. Also the filelist entry for a saved file will now be updated properly with the saved loops/cues number correct. The initially greyed out crossfade option unless a loop was clicked is now fixed too. An option to toggle selected loop or cue save on/off by keyboard was added, as well as options to toggle all loops save option on/off and (another for) all cues save options.

Posted by Lars Palo 2014-04-23

LoopAuditioneer 0.8 series released

After user feedback a lot of things is changed starting with the 0.8 series. Most notably a new approach was taken to show file listing in a listctrl instead of a listbox to allow multiple columns showing beside the filename also the number of loops, cues, the Midi note and pitchfraction of the files. The shortcut keys were modified so that the mostly used ones are placed better for lefthand usage. Navigation between files in the listctrl and between loops and cues can also now be done with keyboard keys. Many of the settings are now saved to a config text file to allow the program to remember user settings from one session to another. Playback of only the loop part of a sample starting near loopend is also now possible. Some bugs in the batch process mode were fixed and also it now share the loop search parameters with the main window. Also a check that not too many loops are added or even searched for if file already contain max number in batch process was added.

Posted by Lars Palo 2014-04-20

LoopAuditioneer 0.7.5 is released

This new release has an increased parameter range for the detection parameters used for loop detection. Also a brute force option is added that will search all loops that match search section, min length, min distance and quality before any selection of what to keep is made. Now it's also made certain that if multiple loops are searched they will overlap at least one other loop.

The batch process of loop detection now share the settings with the single file mode. So any adjustments can only be done from the main window but on the other hand there's no need to enter values every time.... read more

Posted by Lars Palo 2014-04-13

LoopAuditioneer 0.7.4 is released

This new release introduce an additional FFT based pitch detection method (harmonic product spectrum, HPS) that can be used both in single file mode and in batch processes. Also the normal FFT method is slightly reworked in how the harmonic matching is performed.

Posted by Lars Palo 2014-02-16

LoopAuditioneer 0.7.3 is released

This new release contain options for cutting and fading in/out samples both in single file mode and in batch process mode. Also it's possible to trim away unused sample data (wav data between last loop and cue, or after last loop if no cue exist) in batch mode.

Posted by Lars Palo 2014-01-29

LoopAuditioneer released

This new version contain further improvements to the pitch detection algorithms. The FFT based version can now (hopefully) better find what peak is the fundamental since some harmonics detection checks are implemented. Also some internal re-arranging of the FFT and time domain pitch detection has been done to improve batch processing speeds.

The release files were more agressively optimized (-O3 and -ffast-math) in an attempt to improve performance speed.

Posted by Lars Palo 2012-03-25

Version released

This new release contains a crash fix if the crossfade would accidentally attempt to write outside the audio data array. Also some more crossfade methods are implemented again, but still linear and possibly cosine version works best for short fades with well correlated looppoints.

The pitch detection now works for shorter samples where the sustain section is very short, like for instance with percussive sounds.

Posted by Lars Palo 2012-03-18

New version of LoopAuditioneer released

This new version contains fixes for the crossfade methods, changed waveform drawing from using a spline in the loopoverlay to use straight lines instead, modified loopsearching parameter limits and some safety checks to avoid crashes if samples couldn't have the pitch detected. An option to list the existing pitch data in the smpl chunk for batch processing is added.

Otherwise no exciting new features this time.

Posted by Lars Palo 2012-02-19

LoopAuditioneer 0.7 is released!

With the 0.7 version series it's now possible to modify the audio data of a file. With this first release comes the feature to crossfade loops in a few different manners.

Also new is the feature to view the waveform at the looppoints overlayed for close up inspection.

Posted by Lars Palo 2012-02-13

LoopAuditioneer 0.6.5 is released!

At last a new version is released. The pitch detection is vastly improved with the ability to choose between FFT based or time domain based auto detection. As before it's possible to manually set the pitch information also.

The zoom in on amplitude is increased to make it easier to see where to put the release marker on softer samples.

To better hear if a loop is seamless a new volume boost feature is added which will make faults easier to hear. Careful that if too much boost is used the sound will distort.... read more

Posted by Lars Palo 2012-01-19

LoopAuditioneer 0.6.4 is released

This updated release fixes the grid table layout/update when window is resized or maximized. Now, no corruption of the layout "should" happen. This issue was mainly affecting the windows build.

Posted by Lars Palo 2011-11-24

Release of 0.6.3

Version 0.6.2 will very likely be the shortest release in LoopAuditioneer history... In the 0.6.3 version (SVN rev 19) a bug is fixed so that if a folder doesn't contain any .wav files then the application will not crash when trying to sort the file names array.

Posted by Lars Palo 2011-11-18

Version 0.6.2 released

LoopAuditioneer is now released in a new version that mainly contains some attempts at improvements of a few display issues, mostly noticable on the msw platform.

This release also has some improvements to the looplayout on the waveform display that should now (hopefully) completely remove collisions of loops in the same row.

Posted by Lars Palo 2011-11-18

64 bit build for Linux available

Now there's a amd64 build of the 0.6.1 for Linux available under Files. The compilation was done on Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit and testing of it has been close to zero, but it seems to work.

As with the 32 bit build, wxWidgets unicode was used and thus needs to be present on the computer running the program.

Testing and reports of how this build performs will be most welcome!

Posted by Lars Palo 2011-11-15

LoopAuditioneer 0.6.1 is released

This new release contain a new automatic pitch detection dialog where the pitch information can be stored in the file as midi note and pitch fraction. It's also possible to manually edit the values.

The waveform drawer is updated with some layout fixes to avoid collisions between loops and also to make it possible to zoom in/out on the waveform in amplitude.

All menu items now also have their own keyboard shortcuts which can make working with the app easier on the mouse hand.... read more

Posted by Lars Palo 2011-11-14

Customized webpage published

Now a custom webpage is published for LoopAuditioneer instead of the default one. There's also a short user guide there that explains most of the current functionality.

Feedback is welcome!

Posted by Lars Palo 2011-10-24

LoopAuditioneer 0.6 released

This new release of LoopAuditioneer comes with the new possibility to autosearch for good loop points with very user configurable settings. Also it's now possible to batch process all wav files in a folder. Some bugs are also fixed, like immediate update of changed loop positions when playing and the layout of loops that overlap each other in the graphical display.

Also new is the use of optimisation flags for the compiled binaries. The distributed files have -mtune=core2 and a few other performance improving options. However, I recommend everyone that's serious about the optimisations to compile the application themselves and use appropriate -march option.... read more

Posted by Lars Palo 2011-10-21

LoopAuditioneer 0.5.1 is released

This release fixes an application crash if an empty or faulty .wav file was selected for open.

Otherwise no new features added.

Posted by Lars Palo 2011-08-29

LoopAuditioneer 0.5 is released

With this new release the feature to create new loops is added. It's possible to do from the toolbar or menu and also it's now possible to edit already existing loops by right clicking on the corresponding row in the loop table.

The playback of mono files and 24 bit wavs has also been corrected. Some sources for application crashes are fixed so that this should be a more stable build.

Any feedback is welcome.

Posted by Lars Palo 2011-08-05

Release of LoopAuditioneer 0.4

This new release adds two new important features, the ability to create new cue markers and the possibility to edit the position of already existing cue markers.

To create a new cue marker one right click on the waveform and select "Add cue" from the popup menu. To edit a marker one left click in the marker flag of the cue one wish to re-position on the waveform and left click again at the new desired position.... read more

Posted by Lars Palo 2011-08-01