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#167 class ClassLevelLockable in Threads break at Thread.h 574

Albert xu

Inside the ClassLevelLockable Class, the Initializer member has a bug during initialization.

struct Initializer

/// This function provides a Scott-Meyers type of Singleton as the initializer
/// for the shared mutex.
static Initializer & GetIt( void )
static Initializer initializer_;
return initializer_;

inline bool IsInit( void ) { return init_; }
inline MutexPolicy & GetMutex( void ) { return mtx_; }

bool init_;
MutexPolicy mtx_;

Initializer() : init_(false), mtx_()
init_ = true;


Initializer( const Initializer & );
Initializer & operator = ( const Initializer & );

After the Initialzer constructor, the code breaks on the assert( initialzer.IsInit() );
This bug happens when two threads call the constructor of ClassLevelLockable::Lock() at the same time.


  • Sorry, but I don't think this problem can be fixed by a change to Loki. Loki can control multiple thread access to a mutex that already exists, but can't control multiple threads trying to construct or destruct a mutex concurrently.

    That's a problem which must be solved at a higher level within the program. The program needs to explicitly call functions which cause the initialization before other threads can access the object. (Perhaps a thread can call Host::Initializer::GetIt() to force initialization before other threads call Lock.)

    If you know of a way Loki can protect a mutex from this problem, please let me know.

    • assigned_to: nobody --> rich_sposato
    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix