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loiq / News: Recent posts


Added a crude, ugly and half-functional synapse for hivemind connectivity. For now, it doesn't check who gives the !lazor command, brace for impacts.

Posted by Sm@cker 2010-12-10


(*) Cosmetic fixes

Posted by Sm@cker 2010-12-09


(*) HTTP threads now report their status to stats. Not very useful though.
(*) Performance is calculated based on total running time, not the period since last poll.
(*) Variable that hold stats are now 64 bits.

Posted by Sm@cker 2010-10-20


(1) Removed fixed port 80 (shame on me), now setting the port field actually has some effect (2) Improved the URL designation, now it can chew regular URLs with ports and stuff, also filling in the corresponding fields from the provided URL.

Posted by Sm@cker 2010-10-16

A minor fix: 0.2.1

* Added translation support and Russian translation
* Cleaned up the structure of resources

Posted by Sm@cker 2010-10-15

Initial release

Version 0.2 was made available today. As of now, it is supposed to work from the build dir.

Posted by Sm@cker 2010-10-14