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Logsend version 1.0 released

Logsend is unix daemon for e-mail notification of log file changes, written in bash and having three different backends. It searches the log files and periodically mails you the additions.

Version 1.0 brings two new backends (Tail and Simple), a rewritten from scratch Inotify backend and an improved live file monitor based on dialog.

You can download it from http://downloads.sourceforge.net/logsend/logsend-1.0.tar.gz?download
To visit the project's homepage, go to http://logsend.sourceforge.net

Posted by Orveldv 2007-04-06

Logsend 0.5 released

Logsend 0.5 has been released, bug-fix version for 0.4 which brought the dialog-based configuration tool and support for inotify.

Posted by Orveldv 2007-01-12