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logisim-0.0.1 released

This Pre-Alpha release of the logic circuit simulator logisim looks like the first really useable. It has most of the bugs fixed and runs stable. Especially it is now possible to delete wires. As with the first release: Test a lot and send us bug reports/feature requests...

Posted by Bjoern Willenberg 2003-01-06

logisim-0.0.0 released

We released our first Pre-Alpha release of this logic simulator.
This release of logisim can already simulate simple logic circuits.
It still crashes, especially when deleting wires but anyhow it runs and can even save and load files.
This Pre-Alpha got two graphicmodules and ten gate modules.
Just download and send us bugreports...

Posted by Jens-Wolfhard Schicke 2003-01-01