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The beginning of redesign updates...

The first step in continuing my efforts on the project has not been one of new
features specifically, however. It has been in focusing on a major redesign
of the internals of the application. Once this redesign is complete, the
software should be far more robust, flexible, and extendable. (This weekend,
I made very good progress in totally rethinking how I handle message
structures and mail protocol interfaces.)

I just posted a new version of the software on the website. This version
incorporates all of my internal design changes from this weekend, as well as
some minor new features. From the perspective of an end-user, I've added the
- Message structures now handled as a tree (complex E-Mails now work
- Quoted-Printable encoded text supported (Text displayed correctly from
languages with accent marks like Spanish)
- Base64 encoded Unicode text supported (Text displayed correctly from
non-ASCII languages like Russian)

I still have a lot more work to do before I can start adding protocol
enhancements (or additional capabilities like SMTP), but at least I am
actively working on this project again.

Posted by Derek Konigsberg 2006-12-25