• Hi,

    Does Logician allow modeling of exclusion rules? I understand we can translate a exclusion rule into inclusive rule and that is supported by Logician. However, wondering if Logician supports exclusion as is. For example, if selection of a Processor in a desktop excludes a particular value of RAM, can this be modeled?


  • Yes, the operator <> when used in a table tests for exclusion, or the "not equal to" condition, if I am understanding your question correctly.  If you had a table defining a the possible processors, in another table for the RAM it would be a simple matter of:

    1 <>ProccessorA     RAM_IFNOTA
    2                                  RAM_ELSE

  • Hi,

    Thank you. However, in a way we are again using inclusive rule. For example, if there are processors i3 and i5, and RAM can have values of 4GB, 6GB, if we want to have a rule that excludes 6GB when i3 is selected, according to example provided we have to write the logic as
    1. <>i3  4GB|6GB (what is included if i3 is not selected)
    2.          4GB        (what is included if anything is selected)
    The above is as good as
    1.     i3  4GB
    2.     i5  4GB|6GB
    Instead is there a way I can specify this:
    1.    i3  <>6GB (6GB is excluded when i3 is selected) 
    2.         4GB|6GB

    Thank you.