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Scheduled Update Feature Removal

Sometime next week, the files that are required for the update system will be removed from the project server. I will test to make sure this does not cause problems with the program. Also, I will most likely distribute an update which will remove the update functionality from the program entirely. The reason for this course of action is that the update system is third party software and thus should not be used in an open source project. Hopefully, sometime in the future, a similar system will be deployed. However, that is not a main project priority, with time spent more on the development of security related functions to increase functionality offered by the suite.

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2006-03-10

Steganographic Functions Found!

I was in the server today and found that I had made a backup of the steganography tools! That is one less thing that I have to work on for the next release. Unfortunately, other changes, such as the fixing of passwords in the cryptographic functions as well as the removal of the update system, were not recovered. However, with less work to do, a release is closer to coming than it was.

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2006-03-05

Release Cancellation

Due to yet another technical malfunction, all data on my computer has been lost. Ironically, even the backup media was corrupted. All work done on the project was lost, including the new features. This crash has broken my spirits and I have suspended work on the project indefinitely.

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2006-03-05

Next Release

The next release is slated to occur about two to three weeks from now. Nearly all of the coding is done, it just needs to be reviewed and tested. Also, in this version, the passwords have been fixed to allow any 256 character password and the suite will also include a steganographic function. However, this release will be the last of one of two things. One, this will be the last of the portable versions (currently the source can be compiled under linux). The version after this one will probably use windows specific features. Either that will happen, or I (computergeek693) will leave the team. This project does not seem to have a wide user base and thus does not need to be continued, improved, etc. Please email me if you do not agree with either of these terms. If enough is heard, things can change.... read more

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2006-02-08

Feature Removal

Many features have been removed from the program, namely all features that interfaced with any outside program. The problem with those was that the source code wasn't available, so keeping those programs a part of the project was actually violating the license. However, other features are going to be implemented, such as steganography and a rewritten update system.

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2006-01-28


A complete rewrite of the code has been decided upon. There will be a fully functional API that will be stored in an accompanying Dll file. Some new features expected to come about are:
- RSA encryption
- Compression
- Smaller filesizes
- More readability
Other features will also be integrated. Unfortunately, some features will also be platform specific, such as a random number generator utilizing the /dev/random in linux, and advanced file security utilizing the Windows API. But change is good. Expect more news in the future.

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2006-01-03

Computer Problems

My computer has been gone for a couple of weeks now, and development has been suspended. No work shall be performed until I have a working computer (or more specifically, until I get a new hard drive). No backups were made (stupidly) and thus all future releases are based solely on the uploaded codebase. Perhaps I'll rewrite the source from scratch. We'll see.

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2005-12-21

Important Bug in Update Routine

A bug has been discovered in version 1.0.3 of the Logical Security Suite updater program. When using it to update to version 1.0.4, do NOT select the "e" for updating everything; it will not work. The workaround for this is to download the two updates individually. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and it will surely be fixed in the next major release.

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2005-11-30

Release v1.0.4

Logical Security Suite bersion 1.0.4 is out! With this new release comes a slew of bug fixes, including several potential buffer overflows. A new "test" feature has also been added which allows you to test the functionality of the program, ensuring you have a working copy. An update is most definately recommended due to the bug fixes. Enjoy!

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2005-11-30

v1.0.3 Released

It took a while to implement, but it's finally here; Automatic Updates Are Now A Part Of The Logical Security Suite! Download of this release is HIGHLY recommended due to some minor bug fixes, but mostly the new feature. You will automatically be notified of new updates when they are available.

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2005-11-19

Alpha Release of v2.0 Available

Freshly compiled, the alpha version of the security suite is available. Many of its features are not in this release because they have not yet been coded into the project. Enjoy.

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2005-10-16

Development Blog Created

A new development blog has been created on blogspot.com
Check it out at logic-sec.blogspot.com

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2005-10-12

Release v1.0.2.1

We regret to inform you that, at the last minute, I added a piece of code to the release and compiled without testing which caused a segmentation fault in the program. We regret any inconvenience but the latest release has this bug fixed. In the future, the code base will be frozen before a release. Again, our apologies for any disruption of service.

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2005-09-27

Release v1.0.2

A new release has just been uploaded. Many bugs have been fixed, including several potentially dangerous ones. The user interface has also changed, with command line interface now implemented. It is recommended to update.
Enjoy :)

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2005-09-25

News Mailing List

A mailing list has been created specifically to announce to our user-base of updates and patches to the program. If you would like to keep up-to-date with the latest releases, I recommend signing up for the mailing list. Also, news that we feel isn't "big" enough to be posted as news on the page will be sent to the list. Enjoy :)

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2005-09-05

Release v1.0.1

A new bug fix has been issued. This minor release fixes several bugs in the new error handling methods. It also fixes some long-standing bugs in the password encryption and password decryption functions.

An upgrade is recommended if you use the error reports often.

Check out the changelog for more info.

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2005-08-06

Release v1.0.0

Release v1.0.0 is complete. There have been several feature adds and a couple of bug fixes. Check out the change_log for more information on the changes. Enjoy!

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2005-07-27

Development Blog Added

A development blog has been added which should track the day to day programming status of the project. It is at:

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2005-07-08

v0.12 Released!

Version 0.12 released of Logical Security Suite. It is strongly urged that users upgrade due to a bug in v0.1 that does not create a log directory, which in turn, does not allow saving of log files.

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2005-06-10

v0.1 Released!

We our pleased to announce that our first release, v0.1 is available for public download.

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2005-05-26

Upcomming Release

The beta release of Logical Security for the Windows platform will be released on or before May 31st, 2005. The Linux version of the software is currently being rewritten because, due to a hardware failure, all code for the Linux port has been deleted.

Posted by Vageli Mouzakitis 2005-05-16