#37 Documentation here - How to use the init file.


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When using the Simple Configuration options in the
log4cpp.init file this may help users configuring the
log file

Command syntax as follows:
Each command is on entire line and is case sensitive
<command> <category name> <layout type> <appender commands> <layout patterns>

valid commands are
- appender
- priority
- category

<category name>
valid category name are
- root
- <user defined category in application>

<layout type>
valid layout types are
- basic
- simple
- pattern

<appender commands>
valid appender commands are
- file <followed by a log file name>
- rolling <followed by a log file name>
<the max size of the file>
<and the max number of files to keep>
- console
- stdout
- stderr
- nteventlog <category name>
- syslog <category name>
- remotesyslog <category name>

<layout patterns>
The simple layout follows this pattern

%p - %m%n

The basic layout follows this pattern

%R %p %c %x: %m%n

Valid commands for pattern layout.
all commands for pattern are prefixed with %
all commands for pattern are case sensative

- %n = create new line ( this is usually at the end to make a new line break

- %m = Place the message here

- %c = Place the category name here

- %d = Place the date time stamp here

- %p = Place the message priority here

- %t = Place the thread name here

- %u = Place the processing time component here.

- %x = Place the Nested Diagnostic Context (NDC) here.
NDC is an instrument to distinguish interleaved log output from
different sources.


  • Craig McQueen
    Craig McQueen

    I found it necessary to look in the source code (e.g. here from a code fork) to figure out its usage.

    For example, I had to look there to figure out that to log to syslog, I needed to specify appender LocalSyslogAppender. And I had to look there to find out that there's no way to make it log to console STDERR (there's only ConsoleAppender which logs to STDOUT).