Looking for new maintainer

Hi log4cpp developers and users,

Lately people have been wondering whether log4cpp is still an active project.
So, is the log4cpp project dead?
No, no, no, it's not dead, it's, uhm, dormant, yeah that's it! It's just resting for a while....

The are two reasons for this 'sleep':

1) log4cpp has matured enough to satify the logging needs for our inhouse software development at LifeLine Networks. So, at work I don't have the time to work on improving log4cpp. Especially since most C++programs we have will be phased out in favour of Java implementations (using log4j).

2) In the past few years I've acquired a distinct dislike to C++ for robust platform independent programing. I won't bother you with a long rant on what sucks about C++ (I suppose you already know), but for me it has taken away the joy in working on log4cpp (and other C++ projects).

In short both fun and profit have gone, and the itch as well...

So what's next?
Well, one option would be to simply let the project fade away and die, and have everyone migrate to log4cplus or log4cxx (both on SourceForge are as well).

Of course there is another option: one or more log4cpp developers or users will enthousastically jump forward to take over maintainership ofthe project. Yes, you could be the lucky winner! Reply now! :-)
So, if your interested, just apply for the job through the mailing list to have everything as transparent as possible. Preference will be given to current project members.

Cheers,Bastiaan Bakker
resigning project admin for log4cpp

PS.I'm not leaving earth, so I will be reachable for the new maintainer tohelp getting things going again.

PPS.Recently Apache has formed the Logging Service Project(_http://logging.apache.org/_). The log4cpp project has been invited to participate in this project. The current LGPL license of log4cpp is incompatible with the Apache license of the project. However if a new maintainer would like to have log4cpp join the Logging Service Project, LifeLine Networks and I are willing to relicense log4cpp under the Apache license.
NB. Even though we do hold copyrights to the bulk of the code, some parts were contributed by others, retaining their copyrights,so you'll need to get their permission as well. (grepping for 'copyright' in the sources should get you a list of other copyrightholders).

Posted by Bastiaan Bakker 2004-02-02