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LoFiMo V 1.0.15 released

The character set of monitored files can now be specified.

Posted by Andreas J. Resch 2007-01-19

LoFiMo V 1.0.13 released

In this release the handling of the stop-flag in the kill filter, string filter and string replace filter is fixed. There's also a new property "inverse" in the string filter and kill filter that allowes to invert the result of the regular expression string search.

Posted by Andreas J. Resch 2006-07-21

LoFiMo V 1.0.12 released

this release adds support for files which contain log entries that span over multiple lines. it also adds the feature to put the name of log files at the beginning of log messages.

Posted by Andreas J. Resch 2006-06-05

LoFiMo V 1.0.11 released

This release introduces the property "noTimestamp" to all Inputs. If this property is set for an Input all log entries created from that Input will be printed without a timestamp from LoFiMo. i.e. if you want to monitor a file that already contains timestamps and don't want to create LoFiMo to add its timestamp just set this property.

Posted by Andreas J. Resch 2006-05-16

LoFiMo V 1.0.10 released

This release adds support for files that contain dates and/or times in their names i.e. for files that changes e.g. daily or hourly.

Posted by Andreas J. Resch 2006-05-12

LoFiMo V 1.0.9 released

This release adds a new filter the String Replace Filter with which it is possible to replace substrings of log entries.

Posted by Andreas J. Resch 2006-05-08

LoFiMo V 1.0.8 released

new in this release is the display of referers of apache log entries as hyperlinks.

Posted by Andreas J. Resch 2006-02-25

LoFiMo V 1.0.7 released

this release adds some documentation,
fixes a bug in postfix log processing
and adds the possibilty to filter postfix log entries by
status (e.g. to highlight bounced and deferred mails).

Posted by Andreas J. Resch 2006-01-05

LoFiMo V 1.0.6 released

LoFiMo has been rewritten from scratch.
Instead of the Java GUI used in previous versions there is a web interface now. There's also a couple of new filters and file readers and LoFiMo can now use regular expressions.

Posted by Andreas J. Resch 2005-11-27

new LoFiMo version

i have rewritten LoFiMo from scratch and will release it soon. the new version uses an html interface instead of a java GUI and has improved filters and file readers.

Posted by Andreas J. Resch 2005-11-08

starting LoFiMo

since the unix run script appeared to have 0 bytes at the server i uploaded it again.

if for any reason the run.sh or run.bat does not work for you type "java -jar LoFiMo.jar lofimo.cfg"
in the commandline/shell to start LoFiMo.

Posted by Andreas J. Resch 2004-04-19

run.bat replaced

the file run.bat of the last release was wrong.
i have replaced it with a new one.

Posted by Andreas J. Resch 2004-04-19

new LoFiMo homepage

i have created a new home-page at http://lofimo.anzac.at that contains some commented screenshots.
download and documentation remain on sourceforge.

Posted by Andreas J. Resch 2004-04-18

new LoFiMo version available

the first version of the complete rewrite of LoFiMo is available for download.
this version can be configured entirely with a GUI.

Posted by Andreas J. Resch 2004-04-17