Tab browsing?


  • Anonymous

    Hi there,
    I am an on-the-field consultant and I extensively use LockNote. It's great to keep passwords from tons of services and clients.

    Problem is that after a while, it becomes harder to locate specific passwords in between a myriad of lines… would it be possible to have the possibility to add tabs, much like in any browser, so one could "organize" somehow these lists of passwords?


    PS: Not a programmer, :(, otherwise I'd give a hand!

  • Hi Enric, thanks for your feedback. Tabs are definitely a feature I'd like to implement, so this is something that is very likely to added in the future. Not sure when, though, but it's rather high on the prio list.


  • DaveB

    I'd also like to see tabs, for the exact same reason.  It's getting dificult at times to find the info I know is in there.

    Remember the old Windows 3.x "Cardfile" program.  Now, if you could do something like that with Locknote, that'd be wonderful.

    I'd love to help, but I'm not a C/Cpp programmer.  I lurk in the Delphi world. C and it's dialects does my aged grey cell in!


  • Enric Masso
    Enric Masso

    Hi Robert,
    Long time no hear!… it's been over a year already since I started this topic.
    Is there any 'roadmap' for LockNote new version/s??.
    Indeed, as time passes, the tab browsing issue is becoming really imperative for me. I know LockNote is a freebie hence I'd imagine it's not a priority at all at Steganos, but I'd be very helpful to know which plans do you have (feature-wise and time-wise!) for this superb piece of software.
    Thanks a lot!.

  • Enric Masso
    Enric Masso

    Hi again Robert,
    We're again in this time of the year in which I must ask (again)…. any plans to add tab browsing to LockNote??


  • Anonymous

    Hello Robert,
    i need tabs too. And i would know if the roadmap has an topic for tabs in this year?

  • reneatch

    Hello Robert,
    I'm too interested in a version with tab browsing. Are there any plans for such an enhancement in the near future?
    Thanks in advance for any feedback!