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LobBench 1.1.0 out now

LobBench 1.1.0 is out NOW! With it comes support for brand new Oracle Database 12c. But there have been some other significant enhancements to LobBench. With the support of 32k VARCHAR2 columns in 12c, LobBench loads now 100KB BLOBs rather than 10k. It also allows you to load the content of a file rather than artificial data. This can come handy if you consider to move your files into the database and want to see how fast loading and retrieving those files would be.

Posted by Gerald Venzl 2013-08-06

LobBench 1.0.3 OUT NOW!

This new version of LobBench does not only run now on the latest version of Java (Java 7 Update 4) and the latest version of Apache Commons-Math (3.0) but also introduces a new database wait class monitor that reports which waits occurred during the individual tests!

Download the latest version at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/lobbench/files/lobbench/1.0.3/LobBench-1.0.3.tar.gz/download

Posted by Gerald Venzl 2012-06-18

LobBench goes Java 7

Development is working on a new version of LobBench de-supporting Java 5 and 6 going straight on to Java 7!

Posted by Gerald Venzl 2012-06-15

LobBench 1.0.2 is out now!

With some performance improvements with the static data generation + some packaging targets within the Ant build file LobBench 1.0.2 is out!

Posted by Gerald Venzl 2011-02-01

LobBench becomes stable

LobBench is now a stable program!

Posted by Gerald Venzl 2011-01-20

LobBench 1.0.1 is out now!

The new version of LobBench 1.0.1 is out now! New features in this release include:
A properties file can now be used to pass the parameters instead of the command line
Test executions are now manageable over three new parameters: -basicLobOnly; -loadTestsOnly; -unloadTestsOnly

Posted by Gerald Venzl 2011-01-20

LobBench 1.0.0 is out now!

The first verison of LobBench is out and available as download!
It contains features to test Oracle former basic LOBs as well as the new SECUREFILE LOBs.

Posted by Gerald Venzl 2011-01-18