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loadngo Snip adopts MIT License

loadngo Snip has adopted the MIT License for open source licensing, primarily to allow a broader audience opportunity to use the product and remove a restriction of distributing source code with binaries.

Posted by Jay Lauffer 2009-01-24

New Release

A new release of loadngo Snip with a right click context menu, an about box, and an exit command. This solves the pesky "feature" of right-click exit. Inlcuded is a new Windows installer to allow for easy installation/deinstallation using the control panel add/remove programs.

Posted by Jay Lauffer 2008-06-29

Initial Release

Initial Alpha release made, this version is stable and has been used consistently by the author on multiple workstations at home and in the office environment for the past two and a half years.

Posted by Jay Lauffer 2008-06-19