bi-directional syncing

  • Paul Gonzalez
    Paul Gonzalez

    Hi, Ive got v1.6 working great syncing LN -> Gmail -> IPAD but now my manager is asking if it can sync in the other direction as well ?

    Is there some limitation in syncing IPAD -> Gmail -> LN ? Will it be an upcoming feature maybe ?

  • lidsinker

    Currently CalSync only syncs in one direction (LN -> Google).  I don't anticipate taking the time to implement the feature going from Google -> LN.  The main reason is the fact that I don't have the time and it's not a huge request that I'm seeing.  There is a paid app out there called AweSync that will work both ways.  I've never used it myself but it seems to work great.

    There is a chance down the road that I will implement bi-directional syncing.  However, I wouldn't count on it being soon.  My real job and life and inhibited my ability to really advance this app.