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[Lmuse-cvs-traffic] muse/synti/deicsonze2/pics SHold.fig, NONE, SHold.png, NONE, algo1.fig, NONE, algo1.png, NONE, algo2.fig, NONE, algo2.png, NONE, algo3.fig, NONE, algo3.png, NONE, algo4.fig, NONE, algo4.png, NONE, algo5.fig, NONE, algo5.png, NONE, algo6.fig, NONE, algo6.png, NONE, algo7.fig, NONE, algo7.png, NONE, algo8.fig, NONE, algo8.png, NONE, sawUp.fig, NONE, sawUp.png, NONE, square.fig, NONE, square.png, NONE, triangl.fig, NONE, triangl.png, NONE, wave1.fig, NONE, wave1.gnuplot, NONE, wave1.png, NONE, wave2.fig, NONE, wave2.gnuplot, NONE, wave2.png, NONE, wave3.fig, NONE, wave3.gnuplot, NONE, wave3.png, NONE, wave4.fig, NONE, wave4.gnuplot, NONE, wave4.png, NONE, wave5.fig, NONE, wave5.gnuplot, NONE, wave5.png, NONE, wave6.fig, NONE, wave6.gnuplot, NONE, wave6.png, NONE, wave7.fig, NONE, wave7.gnuplot, NONE, wave7.png, NONE, wave8.fig, NONE, wave8.gnuplot, NONE, wave8.png, NONE,

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