Robert Jonsson <> schrieb:
Hi Florian,

2013/10/8 Florian Jung <>:
Hi all!

Good news: I have found a working forum to mailinglist bridge!

We can use the phpBB3 forum we already have (moved over to, of course).
We also will host the ML by ourselves (which cuts the last two ropes tieing
us to sourceforge :)) ).

And, what is *extremely* cool: all mails to the ML will show up in the forum
(including attachments) and vice versa!

sounds awesome!

There's only a single issue left: one subforum equates to one ML. So we have
three options:

1. merge the "muse support" and random discussion forum
2. assign "muse support" to lmuse-user ML, and create a lmuse-talk mailing
list for the other subforum
3. like 2, but do *not* make the random discussion forum available as
mailing list.

I would vote for 2 or 3.
My reasoning is that for support the majority of talk will likely
originate from the forum, whereas our discussions will likely come
from the ML side.
Since the use cases differ and such a mail-forum bridge might not be
perfect, better keep them separated.


try it out under

(i haven't imported the DB yet, but that's trivially easy)

I'm looking forward to finally having all this migrated. And the forum/ML
bridge will be awesome :)! No more forgotten forum postings (:

What do you think? 1, 2 or 3?

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Lmuse-developer mailing list

so i'd propose this:

"user support subforum" bridged to
this is really only for getting help from users for users (of course, we devs are also users ;))

newly created "developer subforum" bridged to (just because we can [tm], for added transparency and bug discussion)

random discussion: just an off-topic forum for the current weather, politics, the new cinema movie
not bridged to a ML

and "music showcase" where users may post their finished, made-with-muse songs. (the forum.supports attachments)
not bridged to a ML

i think that's a great step towards an active and easy-to-contribute community :)

agreed? or do you have improvements?


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