Hi, all

I have Ubuntu 10.04 and MusE 1.1. I've installed MusE from Ubuntu repository, so it is not compiled from source, in fact.
I wanted to translate MusE interface into Russian, but have faced following problems.

1. I have translated included muse_ru.ts file with the aid of "Linguist" and have run "Release" to get muse_ru.gm file.
All work fine, but some pop ups, that have remained untranslated.

2. I have received the letter from Michael (babarosa) in whom he has written, that has faced the same problem while translating "MusE" into German. He writes "My guess is that these are the latest amendments." So it, or not, I don't know precisely.

3. I go to 'http://muse-sequencer.org/index.php/TranslateMusE' for help, and first that I read is, that I have to "Enter the MusE directory and edit the file "muse.pro"". But I don't have this file, anywhere on my computer. I try "find", "locate", "whereis" in terminal, but all these doesn't give any result.

And so, what to me to do further?

If somebody knows as to solve this problem, respond.

Thankful in advance