Hi list!

2.1 is sounding great - shame I can't use it at all yet!

Did Tim and Robert notice the recent release of the new Radium sequencer? Amongst many other new features, 1.9.x now features VST plugin support which he has unashamedly borrowed from qtractor


The new 1.9.x series of Radium has a lot of new features:
* Audio.
* A quick-to-use modular mixer. Jack ports can be inserted anywhere.
* VST plugins and instruments (native, not via wine)


and Rui Nuno Capela for QTractor. (Plugin GUI code are based on code taken from QTractor.)

I realise you want to get a couple more bugs squashed before 2.1 first but


make VST plugin support a priority after this release - pretty please!

LV2 may be the future but VST has all the existing plugins

Thanks devs!