2012/2/16 Florian Jung <florian.a.jung@web.de>
Am 16.02.2012 01:16, schrieb Tim E. Real:
> On February 15, 2012 10:16:15 PM Robert Jonsson wrote:
>> Hi
>>> i think i know the problem: my hackish menubar stuff
>>> as a workaround i could probably add a config option (or command line
>>> switch) which disables all my fancy changes. all i did is to override
>>> certain functions of QMainWindow, and added extra slots to the main
>>> program. simply calling the original routines and not connecting my
>>> slots could solve the issue (of course, it would remove the
>>> functionality for MDI/SDI etc on such systems. but better than nothing,
>>> and if you want to _use_ muse, you should get a proper WM)
>> It's tough arguing that users should conform in that way. Though
>> Ubuntu is really messing things up here....
>> I tried it now running MusE in a virtualbox session (I was able to
>> enable the PAE setting in the virtualbox configuration), the rc2
>> release was available prepackaged, yay! Though it really is quite
>> unusable... sadly :(
>> I think we should try the workaround with making it possible to
>> disable your changes until we can figure out how to play nicely with
>> Unity.
>> With unity the menu is supposed to appear at the top, the muse menues
>> do however not appear there, they appear below it, sometimes they also
>> appear in the mdi window... and everytime I click a menu the dropdown
>> appears but the menubar vanishes!?
>> ...
>> I think I need to install this on something faster than a virtual
>> machine to get a better feel for it.
>> Regards,
>> Robert
> As you may remember I switched to Ubuntu a few months back.
> So I may be bitten by this problem upon next upgrade.
> Or not - it's KUbuntu - I probably won't see it at all !
> Seems like Unity is trying to be a sort of Mac Dock bar?
> Which raises a question I was wondering:
> If we have sort of, kind of, emulated that Mac bar here in MusE,
>   what happens if and when we actually run it on a Mac (or Unity)?
> Much competition between the two?
> Do you think the problem is with MusE or Unity?
muse does hackish things, and unity does hackish things. and if TWO
programs want to do that, they'll probably collide.

hrm. unfortunately, i cannot run ubuntu in a vm, i cannot turn that PAE
setting on. the box is greyed out. robert, is there any trick? or
alternative kernel option or anything? (not that i would expect the
ubuntu folks do anything useful which might confuse idiots -_-)

compiling unity on debian seems to be not an option either as looks
pretty time consuming. installing ubuntu on another partition seems

if i have time, i could try to simply turn off a) the menu-bar sharing,
b) the MDI-windows or c) both.
then unity users only lose that feature, but still can use muse in "the
old way".

robert, if i find the time, can i send you a patch and ask you to try it
out :)?

If you can do that it would be perfect. 
Will try to install ubuntu on hardware tonight and it would be nice to try a fix :)




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