Hello fellow MusE users!

I have a few ideas:

1. Make the 'pianoroll' window have its own specific name (or class, ..) so we could add it to window rules and make it always on top, or follow other specific rules.

2. When editing multiple parts, the switch between the parts is done via alt-arrow. Maybe it would be a good idea to make it possible switching it with a mouse only (alt-scroll, or event have buttons for each part somewhere in the window). Alt-arrow forces my right hand on the mouse to leave the mouse.

3. This is just a little thing but when in pianoroll and pencil tool, one can delete a note with middle-mouse-key. This is not very convenient especially on laptops, where I have to push both the buttons. The right-click pressed on a note is currently not assigned to anything.

4. A feature that would allow to make 'events' on the timeline for changing the output channel of a part. For example, from bars 1-4 it would output to channel 1, then 4-8 to channel 2. This would make it easier to work with orchestral samples, since there are multiple channels for different articulation (legato, staccato).

Looking forward to comments,