Hi guys,

I've very much considered Geoffs insistence to redesign the midi track info (that was it, wasn't it?)

Though, I'm at a loss actually what to actually change. Gui design is fun but it is also a bottomless pit of decisions. I was considering just changing the background to some darker shade, not so hard but it didn't work that well, it was hard to find a background color who would not clash somewhere else.

Probably we won't change this for the coming release, but I'm open for suggestions to what may make it a bit more fancy looking.

When I was at it I did change some of the default colors in the track pane to make it a bit more colorful, and somewhat darker.
If you want to test it out be sure to remove your .MusE configuration file (or atleast the color lines in that file) or the defaults will not be visible.

Comments are appreciated.