Hi Atte,

There are a lot of messages on the devel list about the -c "trick".
Basically it's a workaround for an issue with newer libtool releases which we have not been able to fix correctly.
If MusE builds then you are not affected by this problem and can safely ignore it, it should not affect runtime either way.


2009/5/19 Atte André Jensen <atte.jensen@gmail.com>
MST wrote:

> yes the marker view insists on opening without being asked to. On my
> system additionally the fluidsynth window shows the same behaviour,
> maybe because my start-up template loads automatically with a
> sf2-file.

So it's a bug...

> P.S.: Guys, in the meantime I did a lot of testing (with/without "-c"
> flag; with/without ./autogen.sh; with/without aclocal command) on a
> clean Xubuntu 8.04 installation: I have no chance at all to compile
> muse successfully, whereas it works fine on 9.04 with the -c flag
> trick.

What exactly is "the -c flag trick", what does it do, how do I perform
it and more importantly, where can I read all about it?


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