Ah, where IS your homepage? :)
I'm not sure I'm reading you correctly but what you tested worked ok?
This was with MusE as master?


2009/3/22 MST <babarosa@gmx.at>
Hello Tim!

I tested more thoroughly:

1.) I used a midi file of appr. 5 minutes duration, time signature 4/4. Each beat is a quarter note, each measure changes tempo. Syncing via midi clock worked quite well all of the time.
The "dropped midi out clocks"-messages only happen when the tempo jumps to a higher value! When the tempo decreases no messages were generated.

Messages when starting muse with "muse -P 89":

babarosa@xubuntu:~$ muse -P 89 &
[1] 6452
babarosa@xubuntu:~$ mjsucaps: capsetp: Operation not permitted
Trying RTC timer...
RtcTimer::setTimerFreq(): cannot set tick on /dev/rtc: Permission denied
 precise timer not available
Trying ALSA timer...
got timer = 46
starting with default template
fluidsynth sampleRate 44100
AlsaTimer::setTimerTicks(): requested freq 8192 Hz too high for timer (max is 1024)
 freq stays at 1024 Hz
fluidsynth sampleRate 44100
AlsaTimer::setTimerTicks(): requested freq 8192 Hz too high for timer (max is 1024)
 freq stays at 1024 Hz
Dropped 76 midi out clock(s). curTick:32593 midiClock:30160 div:32
Dropped 2131 midi out clock(s). curTick:102280 midiClock:34061 div:32
Dropped 574 midi out clock(s). curTick:74111 midiClock:55735 div:32
Dropped 2609 midi out clock(s). curTick:125834 midiClock:42342 div:32
Dropped 733 midi out clock(s). curTick:89429 midiClock:65966 div:32
Dropped 3135 midi out clock(s). curTick:148931 midiClock:48596 div:32
Dropped 888 midi out clock(s). curTick:105413 midiClock:76993 div:32

2.) I triggered one note with a duration of more than 100 beats. That means the arpeggio is triggered only once so to find out if it develops out of syncing.

In both cases I added a simple beat to check if synchronization works. For my taste synchronization worked well in both cases.


P.S. I found some other small issues I will post soon after testing.
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