as muse has undergone some massive internal changes (moved arranger into an own window, namespace changes etc.), most of the translations don't work any more.

the reason is that with the namespaces, the contexts have changes (PianoRoll became MusEGui::PianoRoll and so on), so linguist is confused now.

it does however give us mostly correct suggestions (as it still knows about the old translations)

what we need now are people who speak other languages than english and german, who can help us get the translations working again. for languages which already existed before, we don't even need native speakers, as all you have to do is (mostly) verify the suggestions and press "enter".

i hope as many of you as possible will help us with that. it's really not much work (given that the locale already existed ;) ).

a quick tutorial:
i just noticed that even i (who speaks german and english, but not at all spanish) can verify some (though not all) translation in spanish, given that there are suggestions.

so this should be really not hard or much work for you. we all would greatly appreciate any help (and not only in translating ;) )

when done, send us a patch for your .ts file (or directly commit it to the release_2_0 branch, if you can commit)

you might want to publically announce when you start working on a translation, to avoid two people doing duplicate work ;)