Hello Werner Schweer,

Hello muse2 Team,


I am busy with muse at the moment.


I need to filter some MIDI events and to hand over all the rest of the events.

I tried to use the grepmidi of muse2.1.1.tar.gz package.

I have seen that it is written from you and stopped in 2000


It looks like this is a very early state of a midi grep filter.

If I use /usr/share/sounds/mid/demo_bach.mid // on OpenSuSE 12.2.

and only get as output:::


--------------- SNIP start

hafi@trillian:/usr/share/sounds/mid> grepmidi demo_bach.mid

00 Meta 3: < >

01 Meta 3: <track 1 >

02 Meta 3: <track 2 >

03 Meta 3: <track 3 >

04 Meta 3: <track 4 >

--------------SNIPpet end


That is not what I expected from a tool to grep midi events.


What is the target purpose of grepmidi?

Is there a more suitable version available within your team?