Tim wrote,

>>Ardour has the end marker but I >>couldn't get it to stop there. How to?

It's in >preferences>stop at song end
Otherwise Ardour just keeps on going.


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Date: Wed, Jun 27, 2012 2:07 pm

On June 27, 2012 9:21:30 AM Geoff Beasley wrote:

>Do this..record 32 bars in muse the try recording bar 33 in ardour while
>syncing to jack

Aha! Now here you have a point. MusE won't allow the Jack transport
to move past our song end if it is indeed using Jack transport.

Is /this/ what you've been complaining about? Because to me it sounded
like you were accidentally altering our length box and getting frustrated
or something. But this... well... this is a different ball game. Apologies.

This is not a fault of our song length box, per se.
It is a failure of MusE to allow Jack transport to move past our end.

Hm, we allow the user to move the red song cursor past song end,
why don't we let the transport do that? Excellent question G.
Let me see... then you have a never ending song?
"Mm, ya but that's OK because that's what MusE already has since we can
hurry to bar 1000 with our cursor even if the song length is 5 bars!".
(BTW We need a timer on that scroll, eh? Whew! Bar 1000 in 1 sec flat...)
Sounds good so far G.

QTractor does the same thing BUT it has an easy 'continue past end'
menu item and button. I think it's on by default.
Ardour has the end marker but I couldn't get it to stop there. How to?

Maybe the solution is to use Flo's apparent song end, but allow it to
be turned off like QTractor.
Dunno, I still think we need a song length box either way...
No concrete answers from me yet.

I must remind of a technicality here: Our horizontal scroll bar's size
crucially depends on a 'song length'. I don't know any way around that.
I noted that it was not easy to move QTractor's cursor past end
because the horizontal scroll bar's size doesn't change until you do so.
And correction: I said it has a song length hidden away somewhere -
where's that again? Can't find any now.

See what I mean about some kind of adjustable song length being required?

Cheers. Tim.

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