Queestion: how can a device output a sync code when stopped ??
that's a contradiction. r u sure it's not another message like system realtime or sysex?

surely it can't be sync code. what's it doing, saying stopstopstopstopstopstopstop?? :)

in any case, i cannot meaningfully test this as i don't have any MC devices here.
but one very important and related issue is how muse is behaving with jackmp (jack2) using netjack2. play and stop work 100% but rewind/ff don't work at all. Muse will slave to jack transport no problem, but the only way to get Muse to move back/forward is to hit the >> and << whilst playing. Muse won't record either; the rec button just disengages upon play start. Any thoughts on this Tim? I quite understand if this is too outside the realm of reason. The workaround is to run Muse with -a and use it without audio. I can then restart Muse normally after completing the arrangement & slave in playback mode to jack transport. It works fine with Jack1, but my rig runs much better with jack2.

Rosegarden has a jack transport check box to engage/disengage JT. Would this help perhaps? Being able to use Muse's own clock at will would make life easier. In any case with jack1/netjack1 i had to kill muse and restart without jack transport when I wanted to use Muse standalone or vice-versa to slave to JT anyway.

once again some mighty work Tim ;)


Geoff Beasley
Laughing Boy Records Australia