> That's terrible. The whole array? What happened? Overheat? Power surge?
i'm the luckiest bastard alive. get this: i was next door helpng a mate fix his pc. i was gone 2-3 hours. when i got back the room smelt of board flux/resin and the top of the pc was quite warm. i felt behind the machine and discovered virtually no exhaust. put machine on its' side i discovered the cooling fan had 'thrown' a blade! it had poled and was still. X was running but all the disk activity was down. upon a reboot only 2 of the disks came up. i re-added the third using mdadm during which the process failed at about 20%.
the array is now totally unrecoverable.

i think the PS must have burst some serious voltage out at some stage during the 'meltdown' and corrupted the second and third disks. when the third was re-added both 2 & 3 were found to be corrupt and no more raid 5.

a real warning to anyone using any kind of volatile data storage (all of us!)

back up often.

do it for your children.