if you mean using the piano roll controller panes, then there is an issue with them not drawing properly. velocity works fine but some of the others aren't functional or are buggy; program change for ex. One of the dev's has a raft of fixes for both midi and audio which will be committed to cvs 'shortly'. new features and a boat load of fixes; some refer to precisely this issue which i believe is fixed.

* Fixed: Manipulating controller events in midi track parts was not

 changing underlying midi port controller values. (T356)

- Symptom: Simply move or delete a part, or change a part's

 midi controller events (list editor), or delete a track etc.,

 then the underlying midi port's controller values are NOT altered,

 leading to 'phantom' or 'ghost', or duplicate controller values,

 even where there is no part or no track, or no controller values

 where there should be !

The visual controller graph may look OK but what is actually

 produced (values sent to midi HW etc.) is NOT.

- Major rewrite: Created a struct MidiCtrlVal{int val, Part* part},

 and changed class MidiCtrlValList from

 std::map<int, int>  to  std::multimap<int, MidiCtrlVal>



hang in there, Muse is about to great really good ;)



Geoff Beasley.


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