On Wednesday 27 February 2008 10:03:07 you wrote:

> Just to be sure here - are you talking about the fact that if I e.g. click

> into the "Pitch" spinbox above the arranger, enter some number and press

> <Return>, the focus still stays within that spinbox so that <Space> for,

> say, starting/stopping playback doesn't work?


> If it's that problem, I believe the trick (in the source code) is to simply

> turn off the focus for that widget when an input operation is finished -

> according to my Qt3 documentation, that would be something like

> void QWidget::clearFocus(). I believe I once tried (or even fixed?) this

> for some widgets like the "tempo" text entry in the transport window, but

> I believe there is still a lot of places where this handling is incorrect.

> I see usage of clearFocus() in some places in the source code...maybe just

> a few more places are needed :-).

That's the one Frank.It applies to all spinbox operations. It's a behaviour I could do without ; i'm used to it but newbie users are the real victims. If this is easily fixed then I would recommend no v1.0 release without fixing it.

thanks for the reply ;)