On January 16, 2013 01:26:53 PM André Sklenář wrote:


I have tried fiddeling with master track and everything, but no result.

I have managed to solve my problem by exporting the .midi file and importing it to a new session,

but it would be nice if this issue was fixed.

Link to the .med file: www.juicelab.cz/media/Test2.med

Best regards,

2013/1/16 Tim E. Real <termtech@rogers.com>

On January 15, 2013 02:30:45 AM André Sklenář wrote:

I started using MusE one week ago and i think i know my way around it a little, I use it every day and its plain awesome!

I just ran into a little problem and I hope its okay to use the mailing list: The time signature in my project turned to 100/128. I can't change the first number, it always resets to 100 immediately. I can adjust the second number, but just as i roll, it goes back to 128 again.

What could be the problem?
Thank you!


Hi sorry for delayed reply.

That's really strange.

I managed to get it to say 100/128 here as well, but always

I was able to re-enter some more sensible numbers.


If you open the Arranger -> Edit ->Master Track -> Graphic

you should be able to see all your time signatures (and tempos)

laid out in a graph, and make corrections in the time signature

boxes either there or in most other windows.

Someone has coloured the denominators red if a too-high value

is entered. Did it turn red for you as well?

It may appear to be stuck but try a few times to make the

red disappear.

Time signatures can alternatively be adjusted from Transport Panel.

Arranger -> View -> Transport Panel (F11).


(What is Master Track?

When Master Track is enabled basically it enables the tempo graph.

When Master Track is disabled a fixed manual tempo value is used

instead, only accessible (I think) from the Transport Panel.

If you hit the Master button there, you should see the tempo switch

between current fixed value and current graph value.)


If you have trouble you can always post me the project's .med file

and I'll examine the problem as well as try to fix it for you.



[NOTE: Hey guys, I sent Andre a corrected version.

Anyone guess what happened? How to correct?

Some weirdness with those sig entry boxes?

They were changed fairly recently, right? Tim. ]

Wow, you're right. Totally borked, can't change sigs.

It wasn't just the numerator and denominator which

got messed up, somehow the tick location was way out of range.

That's why my own tests were correctable - my 100/128 sig

was at tick 0, not some way out of range tick.


* Attached is a corrected version.


If you ever have this problem again (meaning we haven't fixed it yet!)

open the .med file and scroll down to the sig area:



<sig at="21474836">







The tick, nom and denom are messed up.

Change it to this:



<sig at="21474836">







(Or insert some signature other than 4/4 as desired.)


Don't touch the 'sig at'. The value is correct.

(That is just the mechanics of our signature list scheme.)


Actually you're lucky there's only one signature, as

it might have been more difficult if there were more.


Apologies, I'm not sure how it got messed up.

At the very least, if we can't track down the cause, now we have

your file to work with and try to auto-correct such a condition

if detectable upon loading the file.


Thanks for using MusE, and for the feedback.

Stay tuned for any fixes for this issue.