hi all
I made update of my previous translation now for MusE 2.1.2.
link for ru.ts file is http://www.fayloobmennik.net/3193071
   By the nature of my activity I am the theatrical composer and
I write soundtracks to theatrical performances. Generally I use the Cubase,
but there are also some soundtracks written by means of MusE.
If it is interesting, here the link: http://www.fayloobmennik.net/3193155
   I also am the teacher of musical informatics of the state college of arts
and I teach students to work with a remarkable and free midi-audio sequencer - MusE.
Taking an opportunity I state the short wishlist:
1. Arranger and pianoroll navigation. Now, if to place the mouse pointer
to window edge, the screen moves, but too slowly. Is it possible to provide
increase in speed if the user continues to hold or to move the pointer in the same direction?
It would be very convenient.
2. Editing notes under pianoroll. To change the size of a notes,
it would be desirable to use only one tool, I mean "selection tool" and to have possibility
to move separately start time, end time and note as a whole.
Also all this for group note editing.
3. It would be very good to have scissors and glue into pianoroll