#70 file window shortcut tweaks

Daniel MacDonald

I have a few suggestions for improvements to the 'shortcut area' that forms the left part of the file window that currently has Global, User and Project shortcut icons.

* I think these icons are too big and would look better being about half that size. This will be better for those with small displays and will also help assist in adding my main request for this window which is...

* Add a Home shortcut icon! I know we can get to home with the drop-down menu or the up arrow but the most likely place users will want to go, when importing sounds at least, is their home dir.

* The 'User' icon has a Home-ish looking icon at the moment so this same icon or one with an even bigger house on it should be used for the Home shortcut icon if it gets added and the User icon would logically have the outline of a persons head like such icons always do.