#36 Pencil Tool - make a note longer to the left


(Noticed in MusE 0.7.1 - 0.7.2pre2:)

With the pencil tool one can make notes longer that
already exist in the piano roll editor. One can make
notes longer by pulling the right edge of the note to
the right. But it is not possible to a make a note
longer by pulling the left edge of the note to the left.

As a workaround one needs to drag the note itself to a
new position left from the actual note position, and
then use the pencil to make the note longer at its
right edge.

It would be easier to just make the note longer by just
being able to drag the left edge of the note to the left.


  • I too would love to see this added. It still seems to be a restriction in v2.

    For me this would be great if it could be fixed because I'm often not happy with the results of quantization and so I often have to manually tweak notes I've sloppily played into a MIDI keyboard and my ever-precise stat dept. tells me 50% more editing work is needed to clean up my crap keyboard skills as a result of not being able to resize notes on both sides!