Fixing transfer flaws (access) of software


  • Anonymous

    This message is similar to the one I posed under the "Help" forum, however, this is a call to the programmers to fix this major flaw.

    This is my message as posted to the "Help" fourm, additional notes for the programmers follow the quoted text:

    Hi. I live in Canada, and here people are allowed to legally download full commercial .mp3 files but we are not allowed to upload them to other people. I have never given permission for anyone to download from the incoming directory but people seem to be able to anyway. I want it so that for people to download from my incoming directory the "check box" has to be selected for that directory; perhaps I will have to unselect it to deny access of users to the directory or whatever. I really would like this functionality as I am not using this software to do criminal activity like so many other people, I'm simply exercising the freedoms of the country that I live in and not wanting people to download files from a directory which I have not authorized them to download form. How do I do this. Currently, as a patch to the software's troubles I have simply used directory permissions to allow the main user "family" to have access to write to the directory /incoming but not read from that directory. I really do not like this. I do not see why I should be forced to share files with people when I do not want to. How do I fix this so that the directories read for sharing does not include the /incoming directory?

    Please help, this is really troublesome.

    A Call For Change From The Programmers:

    Please remedy this problem, because:

    - For users who do not have the skill of knowing about setting directory permissions they might be without much hope at not breaking the law in regard to not allowing people to download from their incoming directory.

    - Users do not want to be _forced_ to share files from their incoming directory.

    - Me, for example, want to share files from my shared folder, but don't want to share files from my incoming directory.  I still want to share some files (over 70!!) to others, I simply do not want to break the law by distributing commercial music from my incoming directory, yet it seems with sharing activated I am forced to share, so I have simply deactivated all of it and thus lost functionality of the software.

    - Legally, it places the software and its users in dangerous waters.  If users are forced to share their incoming directory they can not really say that they have never distributed files illegally with any strong certainty, ie. even if they have not enabled the sharing specifically for the incoming directory people can still download from it.  Also, it shows the software as being one which promotes illegal activity (users should at least have a choice not to share the incoming directory).

    PLEASE fix this.

    Thank you.  Sincerely,