Tobias Doerffel

LMMS is a free cross-platform music studio which allows you to produce music with your computer. This includes the creation of melodies and beats, the synthesis and mixing of sounds, and arranging of samples.

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Main window
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PianoRoll + AutomationEditor
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VST plugins in LMMS

Project Members:

  • Jimmy C.
    Jimmy C.


    I LOVE your product!!! I can work it easily ( not like my Roland VS 2480) & can do some serious editing with ease. AWESOME. I can't believe it's free. If I can get my bug worked out, I would even donate or upgrade!

    I am importing MIDI files to edit them. I'm editing these MIDI's to play out as a solo act & sing & play guitar over them. So I'm taking out the "vocal track" & mixing them a little different.

    I had version 0.4.15 loaded & then read it may have bugs. SO I tried version 0.4.13 with the same results.

    I had a small android tablet that had the MOST BASIC MIDI player APP. & it played all songs with all parts. It only had like volume knobs & mute & not much else.
    It seems to have nothing to do with how many tracks there are. I've loaded some that have like 16 parts or more with serious automation, etc. & they work fine.

    IF you don't mind, download:
    or http://freemidi.org/download-12310-120

    Open with Window media player. You should hear drum ( & all parts.) Hear it's a decent MIDI. That MIDI used to play on my old Android, but the drum track does not load in LMMS. I don't even see the track. Please see if that file works or if you have any advice.

    IS there a way to fix this? I appreciate the help.

    Jimmy C.