Thank you for sharing your music with us!

You have some really cool effects in there, like the sliding notes and reverb.  The melodic are catchy too!!

Soul Slicer sounds like it would be very well suited for a video game projects.  Perhaps an action adventure or puzzle game.

The arrangement in midnight stroll shows off your background as a pianist, I like it a lot!

A Majestic World sounds a bit Keltic mixed with a RPG feel.

What license do you offer your music under?  If they're Creative Commons or similar, I suggest advertising them on project pages that could benefit from good music!!

Are any of these available as mmp files or tutorials so we can learn from you?  I'm very interested!!!


On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 5:46 PM, Colburn Hayden <> wrote:
Hey guys! I just thought I'd share what I created in lmms for everyone.
All of this music was created in LMMS! Thank you so much for such an amazing application.

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