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This is likely the cause of a bad download.  Try clearing your internet browser's temporary files and downloading again. (Firefox and Internet Explorer both have this option in preferences)

Also if you have an additional computer running windows xp to test it on try that too to make sure it's not being caused by your computer's configuration.

If you do not have an additional computer, and still experience an issue installing after re-dowloading, some things to consider:

- Try make sure the computer you are running it from is free of any malware that may alter the executable before it runs.

- If you have antivirus installed, sometimes it prevents applications from running from the temp folder.  Temporarily disabling antivirus software may help the install succeed.

I'm using 0.4.4 on windows xp and it is working just fine.

On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 1:18 PM, <> wrote:
I would like very much to try LMMS 0.4.4, as I have been somewhat disappointed with Audacity. I have
Windows XP Pro (SP2) and when I've tried getting the program, I'm told that the download copy is damaged, not allowing it to run, and should contact the software maker to find an undamaged copy. Could I get some input to remedy this problem? Would someone please contact LMMS to let them know about this problem?

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