I Changed the subject because it's off-topic with the User-Interface thread, but Rob, do you find Audacity easy to use?  I come from a background of using Sony's (previously SonicFoundry's) Acid, which is very simple, but easy for beat-mapping and works well with dynamic tempos.

The reason I ask is because, I listened to your "Leipzig" song, which has several audio effects, some voice distorting and it's quite complex.  How difficult was it to mix your LMMS track with?

I tried using Audacity for this following track but just couldn't get it to behave properly.  Instead we used LMMS for the beat/bassline and Acid for the rest.


I apologize for the video, it was part of an "Emo" costume for Halloween, but I worked pretty hard on the track.  (I'm the one with the longer hair)

We used two tempos (it slows down for the refrain) and Acid alowed for this change pretty seamlessly.  Acid doesn't work through Wine, so I'm trying to get this basic type of editing through Linux.  (I've tried Audour, but it's really hard!!)


- Tres.Finocchiaro@gmail.com