Since this makes LMMS avail to the windows world, is it "jumping the gun" to link at least the windows version on the main site?

I'm installing on a dual core centrino laptop right now and i'm out of work for the week due to surgery.  I should have some feedback soon.


On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 8:15 AM, Tobias Doerffel <> wrote:
Hi folks,

LMMS 0.4.0 Alpha2 has been released with the following changes over 0.4.0
Alpha 1

- fixed most of the bugs found in 0.4.0-alpha:
 * Qt 4.3 compatibility
 * fixed default-path for Stk-installation
 * save and restore automationPattern's name
 * delete automation-pattern is in correct thread
 * made removing effect-plugins thread-safe
 * made muting BB-tracks work
 * made muting automation-tracks work
 * fixed time-sync-knobs at various places
 * protect critical section when creating STK-synths as STK is not thread-safe
 * fixed combobox-appearence for win32
 * fixed font-color for what's-this-popups
- added missing files for successful build of Sf2player-plugin
- rewrote LB302 for being an IPH-based instrument now (thanks to Paul!)
- added new commandline option "--upgrade" for upgrading project-files easily
- added hand-cursor for all controls
- added pitch-wheel-support for SF2-Player
- added compat-code for loading old presets properly
- improved win32-build

Please report bugs at

The download is available at

Please don't forget about the Song Contest!


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