I've been recently again teaching some grups of students how tu use LMMS (and ZynAddSubFX), but I feel obligated to mention LMMS' biggest flaws:

- lack of basic editing capabilities (copy, delete, mute/unmute multiple clips at once)
- lack of UNDO function (un-delete clips, instruments etc.)
- lack of interpolated automation (vector-based instead of sample-based)

I think the above things were forgotten, because we got used to LMMS we have now and we found our ways around, but it takes too much time and pain to live with this, and people ask me "seriously?" when I say that you have to copy (or delete) each clip by hand. I think this should be top priority for developers right now.

It's hard for new people to take LMMS seriously. Programs are for doing repetitive boring stuff for us, not the opposite ;)

Please consider fixing these burning issues ASAP.
What are your thoughts?

Tobiasz unfa

Version: 3.1
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