Thank you, Emilio!

The misleading name issue you mentioned was discussed already (someone proposed to rename it to Love Making Music Studio, which I personally liked), but other said that LMMS is an established brand (like "Pepsi") and dropping the name could hurt us a lot. Others replied we can keep a "formerly: LMMS" caption under the new name for some time.

I'd support the idea of bringing a new, better fitting name and logo. There's a Paul Giblock's initiative to re-write LMMS named Unison Studio - I remember it also had a really nice logo. I don't know what's with that but I'll try to get some information about this.

2014/1/9 Emilio Coppola <>
One of the main problems is working using mailing lists. Using a platform like github will not only provide us exposure but it will also help the user to report bugs, submit changes and see that the program its alive. Right now the repository is for most of the population "hidden". This being a program targeted to musicians that have no programming knowledge makes it even harder to compete with other products as FL studio since they have a better user interface and design. Which brings me to the second point:
The design is horrible. It looks like a program made on the 90. The name has the word Linux on it and it claims to be multimedia but it's an audio program. 
The sourceforge website is very simple but not engaging. It doesn't try to engage any person on using the program.

So, with all this said in my broken English (sorry) I want to offer my time to help the project. I can provide a better website and take care of some part in the coordination of this initiative. I have built some simple tools for my own needs but they can also be used for LMMS to move forward into a better stage. 

Thanks for staying active!

2014/1/9 Tobiasz Karoń <>

[ listen to this e-mail - download Ogg or MP3 ]

Hi everyone!

My name is unfa and I'm a music producer, songwriter and vocalist. I make electronic music with LMMS/ZynAddSubFX duo. My last album sold in 15 copies ;)

I'm nearly a daily user of Linux MultiMedia Studio. However still I came to fight a strong feeling that LMMS project is barely alive.
The project's website seems to change only on new releases. The news section changes only once a few months and could be renamed to "Recent Releases". The screenshots, demos, and Wiki are old and outdated. The releases seem to appear out-of-nowhere and anonymously without any prior information or buzz. No one knows if and when will they happen. At least that's how it feels to me. 

However I'm now sure that there are plans, fixes, patches and discussions going on - they are just hard to see, because they all happen in the mailing list (or IRC?)

Regardless of what it looks like, this project is huge and to me it is in top 6 creative FLOSS tools ever made (LMMS, Ardour, Audacity, Blender, Inkscape, GIMP).
It's THE (as opposed to A) open tool for electronic music creation.

I think we all need to realize this - how important LMMS is to all artists around the globe. There's nothing like it out there.

However it's sometimes seem hard to believe. Why?

To find out- I'll reach out to another project I'm in love with - Blender. The open 3D toolkit. I'we been watching it closely for more than a while. It's as big to have several full-time paid developers working on it and big investors helping it's development. Putting out big cooperative projects every year or two - blasting another shockwave of excitement that echoes with more interest and support.

Watching Blender and LMMS made me think of one reason why LMMS seems asleep while it's not.

I'm thinking of the weak social aspects of LMMS' website. The Facebook page does a good job but it's not sufficient and not too exposed on Sourceforge page. And it doesn't seem to feed enough news anyway.

I am thinking of one way to attract and excite more users and developers who will help us build this project.

A Blog. A development journal. A place that'll make all work done on LMMS visible to everyone.

We need to show that we're here, show that many great artists use this, find them, make music contests, make remix parties, make weekly musical challenges, make an official video channel with tips and features explained, with videoblog updates every two weeks, put together a 3-minute demo video and place it on the front page, make an album of the year contest, make a track of the month contest, make every release pre-announced and announced with excitement and passion letting everyone say "I like it!", make a fundraising campaign, go to Google Summer of Code, go to Kickstarter, start interviewing developers and users, start a LMMS podcast, make LMMS conferences, festivals, radio stations, stop being afraid, stop sitting in the shadow, stop being shy!!

Now, I know this is a bit over-the-top, but hey - possibilities are endless, all of what I said is possible. We just need to follow a good plan, see our goals, and we'll make it. 

There's so much we can do, so many people who are waiting to hear about us, who will help us - there are so much creative and capable people out here - in this community. Let's wake up!

- unfa

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